Who is Pam?

A little background on our favorite forensic health coach

Having faced many health issues in her lifetime, Pam Mills’ mission is to help others achieve the freedom of wholeness, both physically and mentally. Pam learned much of what she teaches not only from books and self-education, she has first-hand experience dealing with health problems from birth, many of her symptoms mystifying doctors and specialists. She has a deep knowing that sharing her experience will help others avoid the complications that she has.

Nothing brings Pam more joy than helping her clients discover that they can change the way they feel by making simple changes, and by helping them develop habits to continue those changes and embody ongoing good health.

As a Holistic Health Coach, Pam loves educating people about the benefits and power of healing through food. She has worked with a variety of clients that have a desire for better health, have food intolerances, or food related illness, by making conscious food choices. She loves to share her years of knowledge that food can be healing and give energy, rather than deplete it.

Pam has created a transformational online health and wellness program so clients can build a healthy foundation and achieve their goals. Client testimonials describe Pam as a coach who “has given them their life back.”

Pam has raised four active now-grown boys, is blessed with three daughter in-laws, three grandchildren (more arriving in 2021) and a few fur-babies. When not coaching clients, she travels the world with the love of her life, learning the history of the areas she visits, and meeting new people. Enjoying outdoor activities and spending time visiting her family are some of her favorite pastimes while living in Texas with her husband.

Our mission is to create a safe place to empower CEO women to focus on their health – the key they need to grow their wealth!

Are you ready to get serious about your health? We are here to listen to your story. Here is the link to make an appointment. We can’t wait to meet you.


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