Thunder Thigh Syndrome…Do you have it?

I didn’t love my body….and it showed up in my energy.

I THOUGHT I was fat in my 20’s, I weighed 127 lbs. Yes, I knew the number precisely! I fluctuated between 123 and 127 depending on my “cycle”. One day I hit 130 and thought my life was over!

When I was little my mom and her sisters would talk about their “thunder thighs”. I thought it was funny until late grade school…. I will never forget the day that I was walking in the hall to my class. Everyone was lined up in the hallway because the bell was about to ring. I suddenly felt everyone was looking at me. Um, yeah…I was walking down the hall and they where all standing there with nothing else to do but watch passer byers! BUT I was overcome with the idea that they MUST be looking at my inherited THUNDER THIGHS!

I stopped wearing shorts. I would wear tights with shorts if I could. I would see girls my size and even bigger than me who were comfortable in their bodies and thought well, it because they do not have the THUNDER THIGH gene!

The struggle was real and lasted into my 30’s. I only loved on my body when I was pregnant. Something about it growing a life helped me love and respect that. But afterwards…holy cow was I terrible to her!

Now in my 40’s I weigh 160 and FEEL fabulous! Honestly, I do not KNOW the number precisely. I only get on a scale, maybe twice a year. Don’t get me wrong…there are times we may need to watch that number…BUT not like I did in my 20’s!

What changed…. well, I learned that there is no such thing as THUNDER THIGH syndrome, and I embraced that my thighs are powerful. Ironically, through my work with The Institute for the Psychology of Eating I discovered the balance between eating and body image for myself while I was looking for answer to help clients love food. Loving your body helps you love food and be more aware of your life around you. Loving your body gives you time and energy to focus on what is important in your life.

Food for thought:

If my body was what I “thought” it needed to be, what would I do differently each day?

Pam & I are a dynamic team…. she can help with the science side of your health and I work with the emotional side. Having balance here helps you make changes that you can keep.

Are you ready to love your body? Let’s talk!

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