So we have to confess….we do use the partners label to our advantage!

We get the statement all the time…..oh, I thought you were “partners”

Our relationship could definitely be looked at differently. We have moved pretty fast, as far as many are concerned. We moved in together after just nine months of meeting! Some people felt that was a bit soon but it was a step that just made sense for us both. I imagine we were both a little nervous at what could happen if things didn’t go right. But we decided we had to go with our gut feeling that this was going to work and ignore what people might be thinking about it!

The truth was Amy was ready to downsize and Pam had an apartment attached to their house that the current renter was leaving soon. It just worked. When the stay-at-home order started last year and we still showed up to zoom meetings together people where jealous, and curious.

Even recently, since our move to Texas. The other day we walked into the local gym and told the lady we had just moved to the area and we’re looking to join the gym. We talked for a while, she gave us a tour and then pointed to the pricing for a couple. Pam said, ok, but if my husband wants to join would that be the family plan? Her face said it all. Oh…not that kind of couple😊

Pam is happily married to Dennis for almost 37 plus years now. Amy is happily dating, in search of an adventure buddy who can travel around the globe with her!

So there you have it….we are coming out….not a couple😊

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