Pam the Planner!

I LOVE a good plan!

Nothing gets me more excited then planning an event! My passion for planning goes back to my 20’s. I worked with a partner and we put on events to encourage women to get away and pamper themselves. We arranged the hotels, had motivational speakers and activities, and went to a spa for massages. We did not provide the food though. I could feel something was missing. We did not build the kind of relationships with the ladies I had hoped for. The partnership fizzled and I moved on.

Twenty years later I became a health coach. I wanted to do retreats with a more intimate setting. I rented a large house, I provided all the food and we ate together and shared stories over meals. I had the massage therapist and yoga instructor come to the house so the ladies felt pampered. It was amazing and just what I had hoped for. What I didn’t realize is how EXHAUSTING it would be! It was just too much. I had to put retreats on the back burner again!

My first meeting with Amy was a game changer. She wanted to hold retreats but was overwhelmed by the planning part and didn’t know where to start. Hello my favorite part! With the ability to plan and NOT deal with food? I started planning immediately!

We picked a date for our first retreat the next week we met, it would be in 4 months. Amy was totally freaked out. I was in heaven. It would be exactly what I had dreamed about. An intimate setting in a big house, cooking meals and eating together, having classes, sharing stories, and having the massage therapist come to the house.

It was perfect.

Now I plan retreats and know it feeds all of our souls. Finding balance in all you do is important. Having the right support around you to keep your balance is a key.

Our mission is to create a safe place to empower CEO women to focus on their health – the key they need to grow their wealth!

Are you ready to get serious about your health? We are here to listen to your story. Here is the link to make an appointment for a free consult. We can’t wait to meet you.

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