How Two Business Became One PAMY

In the fall of 2017 Amy was invited to a networking meeting where Pam was the acting secretary. Amy was there for her personal chef business and Pam for her health coaching business, and they met briefly before the meeting started. Amy had wanted to talk, but had set a coffee date after the meeting, and Pam was busy with other members, so she left.

As Amy got to her car, she was hit with the sensation that she NEEDED to go back into the meeting and set a time to meet with Pam. So, she went back in, waded through the crowd, and patiently waited for Pam to have a minute. Now this part is funny…Pam was not feeling the same interest or urgency; in fact, she was rolling her eyes (in her head only, of course). However, a date was set for the following week. Little did they know history was in the making!

On their first visit they exchanged stories of why they did what they did; both pursuing their businesses because of personal journeys. They talked about what their families were like; Pam has 4 boys, Amy has 2. They shared how long they had lived in the area; Pam 15 years, Amy 4 years this time around. They discussed their visions for their respective companies; and BOTH wanted to incorporate retreats into their plans! Pam was overwhelmed by the cooking part, which is Amy’s forte. Amy had no idea where to start with organizing the whole thing, which is Pam’s place of joy. It was a match that had begun to blossom beyond their wildest imaginations.

Their first meeting was in December. They decided they would start coming together once a week to create their first retreat. In Pam’s fashion, as the planner of this dynamic duo, she had them pull out their calendars and decide on dates during their first official meeting. Amy’s vision for retreats included a written business plan that named a retreat center “A place to BE”. They decided it would be a great theme and started with “A Place to BE Pampered.” It was a hit; fourteen women were treated to a weekend of pampering, sharing laughter (and some tears), and coming away with encouragement to continue selfcare. They were nourished with foods that satisfied, energized, and delighted.

Pam and Amy’s ability to work together and bless people has created such an amazing bond that just two years later, they have closed their individual businesses and created Building Your Healthy Foundation, a company to help people enhance their health.

Our mission is to create a safe place to empower CEO women to focus on their health – the key they need to grow their wealth!

Are you ready to get serious about your health? We are here to listen to your story. Here is the link to make an appointment. We can’t wait to meet you.

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