Attention: CEO Women

Are you struggling to match your health to your wealth?
Finding out what type of emotional eater you are is the first step to a successful health journey!

As the number one asset to your world, you owe it to yourself and the people you love to be as healthy as you are wealthy.

After taking the quiz you will receive:

  1. A detailed insight into your emotional eating habits.
  2. Our personal gift to you The 5 Steps to Transformational Health

The 5 Steps to Transformational Health was created to help you:

  • Create a clear plan of action to better your health
  • Learn to keep a clear mind to make important decisions
  • Get better sleep and have more energy
  • Stop the dieting yoyo and sabotaging your habits
  • Show up 100% in your relationships and business
Take the What Type of Emotional Eater Are You Quiz today to understand your starting point.

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Pam & Amy are a Dynamic Duo who are on a mission to empower you to be an advocate for your health. They work with women all over the globe who are taking their health seriously and who are interested in a new approach that includes nutrition, emotion, movement, and science.

As business owners themselves, they know exactly how rewarding and draining running a company can be. Leading by example they have a special desire to support women CEOs. They understand how health can affect your ability to create wealth in your business. Their approach reaches new levels by considering your whole being; mind body and soul.

Pam & Amy