10 Easy Steps for a Healthier YOU!

Sometime we don’t even know where to start. It all seems overwhelming. We suggest you pick a few of these and get started today! Your body will thank you and your immune system will be happy.

1. NO artificial sweetener; it is found in sodas & other beverages, gums, mints, sugar free items.2. Drink water (or herb teas) minimum of 64 ounces or half your body weight (unless you have kidney issues) add a little lemon for flavor or use essential oils!
3. Eliminate refined sugar; use honey, agave, coconut sugar, maple syrup. (Especially, no high fructose corn syrup)
4. If you are going to eat wheat; eat whole wheat, sprouted, organic, multi grain, etc breads. Stay away from white bread, there is no nutritional value.
5. If you are going to eat corn choose organic.
6. Eliminate or avoid dairy; small quantities, organic or raw (do the 7 day elimination to see how you feel)
7. Eat good fats and avoid bad; eat avocados, olive oil, grape seed oil, nuts/seeds, good grass fed meats, same with dairy grass fed (if you don’t eliminate it)
8. Eat WHOLE foods, they are gluten free; all vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds,(try the butters too); GF grains; quinoa, brown rice, wild rice, good meats & fish, there are so many options, try new things.  Buy organic when you can.
9. Avoid soy and products made from soy it is 96% all GMO. Many people are soy intolerant and do not realize it. (read labels)
10. Lower sodium intake.
11. (ok I lied 11 things) Can’t forget to Move; play on the floor with kids, work in garden, take walks, use the stairs, park farther away when going into store, get up from your desk and stretch every hour. You don’t have to join the gym to exercise use everyday life movement.

The reason people fail is because of support and accountability. Find a friend or family member to be a support team member.

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